We highly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance for the set you'd like to see in the listening room! Tickets can be purchased via our tickets page. There may be a small number of tickets available at the door right before the show if you'd like to walk up and take your chances.

The first set (7pm) and the second set on Fridays and Saturdays (9pm) are dinner shows, which means that all tables in the listening room are for dining guests only.

Every guest must order an entree.

If you do not want to have dinner during the set, you may purchase tickets for the 9pm set--except for Fridays and Saturdays--or the 10:30pm set on those nights.

A ticket must be purchased to see a set of music in the listening room.

Tickets are not required in the bar/lounge, which is separate from the listening room.

Visit our calendar to purchase tickets.


Smoke does not have an enforced dress code. However, people do tend to dress nicely for an evening at Smoke, so we encourage "dressy casual"!

All first sets (7pm) and Friday and Saturday second sets (9pm) are dinner shows with a dining minimum of one entree per person.

Second sets on other nights (9pm) and Friday and Saturday third sets (10:30pm) have a food/drink minimum of $20 per person.

Each ticket is for one set only. If we have room, we may be able to make an exception. It never hurts to ask the maitre d' and we certainly appreciate your enthusiasm for the music!
The listening room at smoke does have a quiet policy, and we request that conversation be kept to a minimum and voices be kept to a whisper during the music set. If you would like to converse with your group, we suggest that you purchase tickets for the 7pm set so that you can have drinks, dinner, and conversation between 5 and 7pm before the music starts.
We have no age minimum in the listening room at smoke. However, please be aware that you will have to purchase a ticket for each minor and any minimums will apply.
New York State law prohibits minors from sitting at the bar in the lounge.

The doors at Smoke open at 5pm. Since the 7pm show is a dining show, we encourage all guests to arrive between 5 and 6:15pm.

This allows you to enjoy conversation, dinner, and drinks before the show and cuts down on service noise during the music.